The main focus of our activities is running trains each weekend for the our members and visitors to enjoy.

However, you don’t have to be a budding or an engineer to join us and take part in our activities, we have members from many different backgrounds.

In addition to building models there are many activities other we regularly undertake to keep trains running, including grounds and track maintenance, assisting the public and other members and catering.

If you are interested in Model Engineering or are interested in helping keep the club running, please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact Us’ page, or come to meet us at our Haigh Woodland Park tracksite or one of our club meetings at Ince Methodist Church (see the ‘calendar’ page for meeting details).

The society has 3 grades of membership.

JUNIOR Member:- Any person under the age of 18 ( at the beginning of a calendar year).

FULL Member:- The standard category of membership for anyone aged 18 – 65.

Associate member:- This grade of membership is only available to persons who are associated with a Full member of the society. Associate members have the same

The following are the Membership subscriptions for 2019.

FULL MEMBER . . . . . . .£25.00
JUNIOR MEMBER . . . . . .£5.00

(Please note the ‘Membership Year’ runs from 1st February to the 31st January in the subsequent year)

Enquiries for membership should be made via the ‘Contact Us’ page. Alternatively you can complete the Membership Form on the ‘Membership Application Form’ page.