The society has 3 grades of membership, all being open to both male and female applicants.

FULL Member:-

The normal category of membership for those over the age of 18. Having full voting rights. Membership charges depend on age category (under or over 65 years of age).

JUNIOR Member:-

Any person under the age of 18 ( at the beginning of a calendar year)

The following are the Membership subscriptions for 2017.

FULL MEMBER . . . . . . . £25.00
RETIRED MEMBER . . . . £25.00
JUNIOR MEMBER . . . . . £ 5.00

(Please note the ‘Membership Year’ runs from 1st February to the 31st January in the subsequent year)

Subscriptions are due by 31st January each year.
There is currently no joining fee.

Enquiries for membership should be made in the first instance to the membership secretary – contact details on the ‘Organisational Structure’ page . Alternatively print off the attached Membership Form, complete and send to the Membership Secretary


Download membership application form